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A gift for Muslim Groom – Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed

Subtitle: A Guide for Joyous and Successful Married Life The book “A Gift for Muslim Groom” is the English translation of the famous Urdu Book…

A Gift for Muslim Women , The sayings of the Prophet S.A.W for women in Islam

Author/Translator    Mufti M.Ashiq Elahi Bulandshahri It would be redundant to state that Women make a priceless contribution towards the construction and development of a nation.…

Biographies of women Companions of the prophet Saw

Women were looked down upon in Arabia – nay, all over the world – before Islam. The Quran emphasized her status and Muslims came to…

From Monogamy to Polygyny: A Way Through

Author: Umm Abdur Rahman Hirschfelder This book addresses the deep and complex issues and concerns the Muslim women worldwide have with polygyny. The insight offered…

Gift to Bride (Tuhfa e Dulhan)

Book Author: M.H.A. Majeed Husbands and wife are not only a pair of human being but also a family, a tribe and a community. How…

Great women of islam

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Description Product description This book is about the life stories of the Mothers of the Believers and 16 other Sahabyat who had been given the…

Islamic Guide To Sexual Relations

Muhammad ibn Adam al-KawthariFulfilment of sexual desire and needs are key in sustaining a harmonious marital relationship. However, in today’s society, sexual boundaries are being…

Parent child relation

Description Product description This easy-to-read, comprehensive guide contains what you need to know on how to parent with confidence. Packed with advice and powerful tips,…

The Advice to the Women

All praises are for Allaah and may the salutations and the du’aa of salaams be upon the Prophet and I bear witness that no deity…

The Complete System of Divorce

By Mufti Abdul Jaleel Qasmi  This book ably discusses the philosophy of divorce [talaq] in Islam and its concepts in other religions and cultures. It…

The Ideal Father A Comprehensive book outlining the Principles of being an ideal

A Comprehensive book outlining the Principles of being an ideal Father Author’s Name: Mufti Muhammad Kadwa Publisher’s Name:  Maktaba Darul Huda Binding Type: Hardback Pages:…

The Ideal Mother

Author: Maulana Muhammad Hanif Abdul Majid in his heart and how the child can recognise the father’s position and honour and many other such issues…

The Ideal Muslim

The ’Ideal Muslim’ is now in its second revised edition in English, it has been very well received by our English and Arabic readers. The…

The Ideal Muslimah: The True Islamic Personality of the Muslim Woman as Defined

From the back cover: “The ideal Muslimah is proud of the great position that Islam has given her among humanity. She performs her duties knowing…

The Pregnancy Guide for Muslim Women Ummu Muawiya

A must-read for all Muslim mothers-to-be. A book of this nature is long overdue as it gives an Islamic overview of pregnancy as well as…

The Women Of Paradise The Jannah

Author(s) : Mufti Muhammad Irshad Qasmi A short but comprehensive book describing women who shall enter Paradise, using Hadiths as the main source of reference.The…