A Gift for Muslim Women , The sayings of the Prophet S.A.W for women in Islam

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Mufti M.Ashiq Elahi Bulandshahri

It would be redundant to state that Women make a priceless contribution towards the construction and development of a nation. A mother’s lap is the child’s first school as well as fostering institution: and the lessons leant from this institution are more indelible than a line carved on a rock. That is why the importance attached to women in Islam is no less than that of men.

This book covers almost all the aspects of life in detail, particularly the problems faced by women with their solutions in the light of Holy Qur’an and Ahadeeth. Utmost efforts have been taken to compile the traditions and problems reported by women. For the easiness and benefits of the readers, chapters i, e Prayers, supplications, Nikah, Education, divorce, Social moral, Etiqutts, viel, Dress & Adornment, Purification etc.

The Author of this book Maulvi Muhammad Ashiq Ilahi (Ra) was blessed with genuine zeal and enthusiasm, beside his vast knowledge and sincerity, his very simple words and style affect the reader’s heart to its very core and is a product of sincere passion far more than the eloquence of literature.

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