When Desire Takes Over p2

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anyone else. They may not know our private habits but they sure do know the details of our family know our street household habits (i.e. refusing to throw out the trash, leaving the bathroom floor wet, etc.) but our friends are the ones who know what is going in our minds (i.e. what we are worried about, wat we are looking forward to).

Inevitably, when a person becomes so close to a group of people, his mind and thoughts coincide with theirs. What they seen to do and wish always appears to be acceptable no matter how insane it might be.  We have been made in such a way that we are heavily impacted by those who surround us. It is for this reason that rasulullah s.a.w said, “A man will follow the religion of his friend; so be care as to who you make friends with.”

Author: Abdus Subhan Dalvi

Pages: 128

Binding: Paperback