understanding the mahdi

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The coming of the Mahdī1 has always been an issue of great interest
for the Muslim Ummah at large. The love and admiration for the
Mahdī is a quality instilled in the hearts of the believers and shall In
Shā’ Allāh be a uniting factor for Muslims around the globe, upon his
emergence. The Muslim Ummah has always been found eager to
hear anything relative to the Mahdī, be it regarding his era of
emergence, his facial features, the place of his origin, the manner
in which he shall emerge, etc.
Unfortunately, some details of the awaited Mahdī, despite not being mentioned in sound narrations, have over the course of time come
to be understood as ‘accepted-facts’.
Deviant groups utilized many of these narrations to dupe the
masses into thinking that they indeed are followers of the ‘awaited
Mahdī’. On the other extreme, certain ‘prominent’ scholars, on
account of the numerous fabrications regarding the ‘Mahdī’, passed
a blanket-ruling over all the narrations regarding the Mahdī,
declaring the entire notion to be a fabrication. According to their
‘research’ there shall be no rise, prior to the second-coming of
Sayyidunā ʿIsā , of a ‘true Islamic State’ at the hands of a
‘Mahdī’. Due to the prominence of some of those who purported
such an erroneous view, there are unfortunately many today, who
do not believe at all in the coming of the ‘awaited-Mahdī’, despite
this being a solid Islamic belief.