Truthful Stories of The Ambiya

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Authentic and reliable. The stories of Hadhrat adam Habeel and Qabeel, Hadhrat Hooh, Hadhrat Ibraheem, Hadhrat Noor, Hadhrat Idrees, Hadhrat Hood, Hadhrat Saalih, Hadhrat Ibraheem, Hadhrat Ismaeel, Hadhrat Ishaaq, Hadhrat Loot, Hadhrat Yacoob, Hadhrat Yusuf, Hadhrat Shuaib, Hadhrat Musa, Hadhrat Khidr, Hadhrat Yousha bin Noor, Hadhrat Hizqeel, Hadhrat Ilyaas, Hadhrat Ya’sa, Hadhrat Shamweel, Hadhrat Dawood, Hadhrat Sulayman, Hadhrat Ayoub, Hadhrat Yoonus, Hadhrat Thul Kufl, Hadhrat Uzair , Hadhrat Zakariyya, Hadhrat Yahya, Hadhrat Isa, Muhammad has been narrated too.