The most beautiful names of Allah

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Any being is only recognised in accordance to one’s recognition of his qualities. The more one becomes aware of any person’s qualities, the more connection and closeness is attained with him. When one speaks of connection and closeness, it is no hidden fact that the strongest and real connection is connection with Allaah. To create and form a connection with Allaah, it is necessary to be cognisant of His qualities. This becomes apparent by His beautiful names, since every blessed name points to a divine quality. One should supplicate to Allaah by means of these qualities.

These beautiful names are the means to acquire divine recognition. Every name is a door to this recognition. The more one knows and recognizes Allaah, the more His love for Allaah will increase. As one’s love increases, he will become obedient to Allaah and remember Him all the time.

This book is an introduction to the beautiful names of Almighty Allah and a step further in recognizing His Being and acquiring His pleasure. May Almighty Allah through it bless us all with His recognition and Divine Pleasure. Amin