Stories From The Hadith By Shaykh Muhammad Zakariya Iqbal

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It will not be an exaggeration to say that this Book brought to you by Scribe Digital is one of its kind in the English language. It includes a compilation and explanation of many many stories found in the Islamic traditions concerning historical events and the lessons derived from them. The stories cover events from the lives of the Prophets including the Prophet Adam, Salih, Ibrahim, Musa, Lut, Dawood as well as other historical individuals. The Book also includes references for the Hadith in detail. In the Islamic tradition the Narrations – Had?th – of the Prophet Muhammad ? act as a commentary or an exegesis on the Holy Qur’an. Which itself includes many stories for the benefit of human kind. There are also many such narrations which the Qur’an has by-passed, but are mentioned in the Prophetic Narrations. The Author briefly introduces each incident, then presents the Hadith and its translation. This is followed by an explanation of the Hadith and other relative narrations, including those of the Companions. These are helpful in understanding the original true life event and original Hadith. The story is wound up with the lessons and guidance drawn from the events. All the true life accounts are taken from authentic Islamic sources. An example of just a few of the many stories that can be found in this Book are: – The Beautician of the Daughter of Fir’awn ….My Lord and yours is Allah – Even Thought it was an Ant…. – The Old Woman of the Bani Isra’il – I Contradict My Eyes…. – The Case of Musa  and the Stone – Half the Earnings Belong to the Sea! – A Woman Corrects a Scholar – The Woman with Wooden Sandals – Half the Earnings Belong to the Sea! – A Jar Full of Gold finds no Claimant – Jurayj Al-Abid…. Mother’s Curse

Print: Darul Ishaat