Ramadan Delights

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This book contains a wealth of treasured savoury recipes with superbly illustrated pictures, which are indeed a feast for the eyes – the sort of pictures that make you want to start cooking straight away.

We hope that “Ramadhaan Delights” will prove to be invaluable to the young housewife, and to those of you who have mastered the art of cooking – just the same. 

The recipes are clearly set out and easy to follow, presenting a practical approach to cookery, progressing from the easiest to the most elaborate recipes. 

We fimrly believe that everyday cooking should be exciting, adventurous and a lot of fun! 

Some good cooks are born that way, but most arive at a high standard of excellence as a result of constant practice. The virtue of patience is essential and a compelling interest in the art of good cooking equally so. 

Once these recipes have been mastered, we hope the readers will make changes to the recipes themselves progressing to more challenging ideas. The possibility for variety is infinite for those who take pleasure and pride in their cooking.

Author: Khadijah Ebrahim

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