Natural Home Remedies for All

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For thousands of years, Hakeems in the Indian sub-continent, would prepare medication for intricate illnesses from ingredients that may be available in a house kitchen. Without having to go to a doctor or purchase expensive medication from a pharmacy, mothers and grannies were able to prepare effective medication for different illnesses in their homes..

Unfortunately, these remedies are slowly becoming extinct. There are many illnesses that can be easily treated from home rather than having to spend large amounts of money at doctors and purchasing expensive medication which have harmful side effects.

In the spirit of preserving these Home Remedies Mufti Ebraheem Salehjee suggested that these remedies be preserved in a booklet which may then be beneficial to all. an effort was then made to contact the elderly women in many families to note down some of the common remedies they used so that it could be of benefit to us all.

This book is a compilation of all these remedies.

Natural Home Remedies for All is a book full of tried & tested natural recipes which have been found useful. Herein, it is important to note caution that if one is not sure of any ingredient helping them, and it might be harmful for them, then it should be queried by a qualified Hakeem. Additionally, if no benefit is noticed, then too a Hakeem has to be consulted.