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All praise is due to Allah who stipulated du ‘ad’ and peace and salutations to Muhammad 4% who taught us the ways and means of protecting ourselves from calamities. Peace and salutations to his Companions who guided us to the path leading us out of every type of distress. [And peace and salutations] to the ‘ulamda’ and auliyd’ of his ummah who exhausted all their energy and expended maximum effort to find ways and means for the cure of our spiritual ailments.

There is not a single person who is not in need of every type of goodness and success. It is for this reason that Allah 4€ provided various means and opened numerous doors for goodness and success in both the worlds. This He did, so that those who are in need may seek assistance via these avenues and gain salvation from difficulties and calamities. The effects of all means apart from du ‘da’ are very restricted [and not all-embracing]. The aim of the natural means [such as agriculture, trade, medicine] is worldly success, although they can indirectly assist one’s din as well. As for the Shar‘? means [such as fasting, salah, and hajj], their actual purpose is religious success although they are beneficial in one’s material life as well. However, du‘d’ is the only method which has been stipulated equally for worldly and dini success at the same time.