Ink of Inspiration 2: Soothe Your Soul

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review: Ink of Inspiration 2 Soothe your Soul by Naadira Chhipa

I have been following sister Naadira Chhipa’s writing since she started posting on social media. I did read the her first book Ink of Inspiration and it was amazing. I read that book three times over and still love every article. I purchased Ink of Inspiration 2 Soothe your Soul and I started to read this book and I promise you it was a book I just could not stop reading. The articles, the true life experiences and the words just spoke to my heart and enlightened my mind. The anxiety and stress that I had been carrying for years seems to have unburdened itself away.
My favourite articles (actually the entire book is my favourite) but the articles that stood out for me were The Cry of a widow, Haunted Hearts, A life of Despair, The Power of You, Turbulence and The Dating Game.

Ink of Inspiration 2 Soothe your Soul is a healing journey that the reader undertakes and once you reach the end your heart, your mind and your soul will be illuminated. This book is a must have in every home. I am now handing it over to my daughter as it is a beautiful read for the youth. My mum also bought a copy and she said this book has been her best friend since Saturday so it also speaks to the elderly.

A perfect gift to myself and my family. I cannot thank you enough my dear sister Naadira Chhipa for sharing your precious treasure of words with us. May Allah bless you with every word that you write as this soul has has been soothed. Ameen
From Sister Amina Vawda