Etiquettes for students

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A book discussing simple, easy etiquette for students studying Ilm-e-deen, which if followed will certainly help attain a high degree of acceptance by Allah Ta’ala

Despite the noble effort of many madaaris, the desired results expected of such institutions have not yet materialised. The very fabric of Islam with every facet of it’s belief, practice, propagation and dissemination of its beautiful teachings depends on the acquisition of Ilm-e-Deen (Knowledge of Deen).

Tragically, our students choose to mimic the ways of universities and colleges. A special connection with Allah, which is a pre-requisite, is absent in the lives of the students. Noble Islamic character, willingness to work and the unwavering pursuance of true Ilm is being ignored and the results are lamentable. Accordingly, on completion of their studies, when students face the world-at-large, they find it difficult to serve the noble Deen and the Muslim community with the required degree of efficiency and dedication.

In this book ‘Aadaabul Muta’allimeen’, Hadhrat Maulana Qaari Siddeeq Ahmed Baandwi (RA), in an attempt to reform the situation at our madaaris, discusses simple, easy etiquette which, if followed, will certainly help attain a high degree of acceptance by Allah Ta’ala