Confessions of sins

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” This entire collection is the subject of Hadrat Muslihul Ummat’s rahimahullāh talks which he presented in Ramadān al-Mubārak 1383 A.H. It was collated by Hadrat Maulānā ‛Abd ar-Rahmān Sāhib Jāmī rahimahullāh in a systematic manner and took the shape of a book. Before this – in Ramadān al-Mubārak 1382 A.H., Hadrat had presented talks on the recitation of the Qur’ān. This unworthy servant arranged all these talks in a particular sequence and read every letter of this collection to Hadrat Muslihul Ummat rahimahullāh. Hadrat was most pleased with it
and said: “This is a book through which many people will become Sāhib-e-nisbat (a person having close proximity with Allāh ).” This book was published under the title, Tilāwat-e-Qur’ān (the recitation of the Qur’ān). ”