Black Seed Soap

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🌹🌹 Our 125 gram *glycerine & coconut oil* based Wellness Soap is carefully crafted with only the finest natural ingredients to provide your skin (the *largest organ* of your body) with the tender loving care it deserves. There are *no chemicals or abrasives in this soap, thus safe for all skin types.*

📣📣 *Why spend more on hand-made soap over commercial soap?* Hand made soap contain _humectants like glycerine, shea butter, coconut oil etc that attract moisture to the skin,_ whilst commercial soaps lack this feature. This necessitates usage of a cream or a lotion thereafter. _This lack of moisture in commercial soaps also causes it crack when drying, whereas hand-made soaps will not do so_ . In order to compensate for the lack of moisture, a foaming surfactant called *Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is added therein, giving the wrong impression of hydration* , when in actual fact, this foam dries up the skin. *THUS, HAND MADE SOAPS ACT AS BOTH A SOAP AND A SKIN LOTION.*

So, why we chose Black Seed & Activated Charcoal in this bar? The combination of Black Seed & Activated Charcoal have excellent properties, offering the following benefits:

🚘 1) *Flawless Skin:* This soap has the amazing ability to control *facial oil* and draw away *impurities* that build up in the pores. It is also effective in the removal of *dead cells,* thus providing clean and flawless skin.

🧕 *2) Acne* : Both the active ingredients are known to be highly beneficial in the treatment of acne. They not only aid the removal of toxins, but even *clears facial marks* resulting from acne.

👏 *4) Reduces Pore Size:* If you tend to spend a lot of time outdoors in the smoke, dust and pollution, you might notice dirt settling over your pores, making them more noticeable in appearance. After a certain period, these pores can be seen clearly on the face. This soap treats this too. It not only *extracts the dirt and grime, but also treats clogged* pores and reduces their size.

👸 *5) Makes Skin Firmer:* Loose skin indicates the initiation of old age. Regular use of this soap makes the skin firmer and tighter at a rapid pace. It also *lightens blemished or darkened skin* due to bacteria build-up.

🌈 *6) Suits Every Skin Type:* Skin suitability is a major concern while using any skin care product. On one hand, this soap extracts excessive oil from the skin, on the other, it also *moisturizes dry skin.* Furthermore, it is also suitable for the _sensitive skin type._ It effectively treats *skin allergies* and redness on the face too.

💧 *7) Clears Skin Blemishes and Exfoliates:* Regular use of this soap provides amazing results for a blemish-free skin. Again, it does this by removing toxins from the skin and exfoliating the skin.

🧯 *8) Treats Psoriasis and Eczema* : Being an excellent natural exfoliant, this soap also treats psoriasis and eczema, as well as dry, cracked skin.

🎒 *9) Treats Dandruff:* This soap has the unique property of functioning as a soap and shampoo. When used as a shampoo, it helps treat skin conditions like *dandruff and dry scalp.*

🧔🏻 *10) It encourages Beard Growth and prevents Split Ends.*

🍿 11) Black Seed has *anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial* qualities which can treat
blackheads, whiteheads, rosacae, sunburn, rashes, ringworm, & other blemishes.

⏩⏩ *Give your skin a treat today, everyday.*