Al Andalus

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The Muslims in Spain ruled for over 800 years. That is more than half of the history of Islam in its totality.
The history as well as the phenomenal accomplishments of Muslims in the Golden age provide a compelling narrative worthy of knowing.
How was it that a Western European country was able to produce the brightest minds in both the islamic and secular sciences?

This book is an attempt to provide the reader with a basic understanding of 800 years of triumphant success and glory, of debilitating failures and treachery, of trials during times of ease and excessive wealth as well as in times of difficulty and persecution and then the eventual demise of Islam in the Iberian peninsula.

Today we live in a very fast paced, heavily polarised, islamophobic world. What are the lessons that Spain has come to teach us ..the ummah of Nabi (SAW).The lessons are many…. Some are painful and difficult to read, but some inspire so much of hope and encouragement.

This book is meant to inspire the reader to be better and to do better. How can we take the lessons of Al Andalus and implement it into our lives as Muslims living in the 21st century?

The intention behind this book is for us to do some introspection in our own lives. May Allah SWT guide us to become stronger, who take our inspiration from shining stars in our rich past so that we too can raise up future generations who will be righteous and a benefit rather than a burden to mankind. Ameen