Ahadith Compilation vol 2

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A compilation of forty Arba’in (40 hadith) collections is the first of its kind in the English language on 40 sets of Arabeen (40 Ahadith). The compiler traveled to India, Pakistan, various Arab countries, Turkey and Malaysia to source these treasured collection from books and scholars from around the world. Includes original Arabic with English translation of each of the hadith. The Arabic is written by calligrapher brother Abdur Kadir of Draou, Oran, Algeria. Includes Arba’in collections by the likes of Mulla ‘Ali al-Qari, Shah Wali’ullah Dehlawi, Mufti Muhammad Shafi’, Mufti Muhammad ‘Ashiq Ilahi, Mufti Saeed Palanpuri, Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat, Shaykh Assad Nimer Busool, and others. A book to treasure for personal use or a gift. === from the back cover: This compilation “Ahadith Compilation” is historically the first of its kind in the English world. Even in the Arab world many scholars of repute have compiled their favorite Ahaadith but it has not been put together in a book form. Inspired whilst in Masjid e Nabawi (saw), I ventured out to collect 40 by 40 Ahaadith. This journey led to visiting numerous libraries and countries. The result is now in your hands. We gathered these works of various ulema and translated them and had the Arabic professionally written and checked so that all can benefit.