Ahadith Compilation no 1

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Book format: Hardcover
Prepared by:Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias
Publisher: ZamZam
Language: English, Arabic
Weight: 650g approx.
Dimensions: 22x15x3cm approx.

Many scholars of Deen have after numerous years studying and teaching have compiled their 40 Ahadith. Some are general whilst some pertain to particular topics. Most of the Ahadith are well referenced.

We have included the Arabic in most compilations.
This has been done to encourage even the general public to learn the beautiful concise sayings of Rasulullaah.

Our suggestion is to learn the one word Ahadith first, then proceed to the 2 word Ahadith and so on. Quote Ahadith in your daily speech instead of the saying of the enemies of Islam and what can be better the speech of Allah and His Rasul.

This can be easily included as a text book in any institute of learning.

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