Anwarus salaah

Anwarus salaah



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ALHAMDULILLAH! My RABB be praised. The beauty of this book cannot be explained. Of course, when ahqar refers to the beauty of this book, what is meant, is sitting in the presence of my beloved Sheikh, Hazrat Moulana Shah Abdul Hamid Saheb ( ), and listening to my Hazratwaala read from the original Kitaab, and give commentary on what Hazratwaala had read. To add to the Anwaaraat, these Majaalis took place, and still do take place throughout the Mubaarak month of Ramadaan, at the Daarul Uloom, Azaadville.

Though Ahqar’s feeling is that a lot of the Awaaraat is ‘lost’ from the actual Majlis, as there are many shortcomings in this compilation, and that not even a fraction of that Anwaaraat can be rekindled in this booklet, it is intended that this booklet give some idea to the Mu’mineen in general what Salaah really is, and how Salaah really ought to be performed. The reality of Salaah must be experienced by all Muslims.

There are certain narrations in this book which are repeated, either in depth or ‘in passing’. This was included with intent, as the said section(s) are of great importance, and should be inherent in a Muslim’s life. It is stated…


“And that which is constantly repeated, becomes inherent.”

This is but a humble attempt to put together great works by great personages, and it leaves me with a feeling of dismal failure. Ahqar’s Duaa is for Allah (SWT) acceptance of this very weak effort.



“A person who did not learn to make Shukr to mankind, will never be able to make Shukr to Allah.”

To all who have assisted in any small way with this compilation, may Allah (SWT) grant you Jazaa-e-Khair, your rewards are with Allah, and Allah alone.